Hot & Drought Conditions Kill 160+ Elephants in Zimbabwe

Extreme hot and drought conditions have killed more than 160 elephants in Zimbabwe.

Conservationists are worried that the weather might remain the same as they brace for more deaths in the season.

The elephants died between August and December of last week, the guardian reported.

More Than 160 Elephants Die

At least 160 elephants died last year in the Hwange national park, which is around 14,651 square kilometers.

The national park is home to animal species that are labeled as endangered by scientists.

“There was low nutrition, very high temperatures and a shortage of water”, Trevor Lane, head of a conservationist organization said while explaining the reasons behind elephant mass deaths. 

The Elephants Starved To Death

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority conducted initial testings and the results showed the elephants starved to death.

Most of the elephants died on their way to water sources,  a spokesperson for Zimparks said.

Persistent dry weather, droughts and prolonged dry periods are intensifying across southern Africa.

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