Dan Cortez

Author / Writer
Cortez writers for various topics on The Morning News. One of the old contributors to this publication, Cortez has experience in reporting truthful news.

Apple AirTags Are Being Used To Track You

Since the launch of AirTags, many criminals are using it to track girls and children by placing them in cars, backpacks, and other places where people might not look or know that they are being tracked or followed.

Getting Prepared For Starlink Going Public

Starlink does not have stock at this point. It’s a private company, but Elon Musk does plan to take the company public. A lot of people price in Starlink into Tesla ($TSLA), however, Musk will probably take the company public to raise more money for the company and raise his net worth. So, when Starlink

Mass Shooting Leave 6 Dead In Sacramento

Six people were killed in Sacramento’s worst mass shooting in 2022 early Sunday morning. Around 2 a.m., the shooting occurred near the intersection of 10th and K Streets, in an area leading to the Golden One Center, where the Sacramento Kings play basketball.


NFTs Are The Biggest Scam Of 2022

NFTs have been on the rise in 2002 & a lot of people are buying thinking it’s the next gold rush, but in fact, most of them are getting scammed.

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