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Cortez writers for various topics on The Morning News. One of the old contributors to this publication, Cortez has experience in reporting truthful news.

South Korean President Sings ‘American Pie’ At White House

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol sang ‘American Pie’ at the white house on Monday. South Korean president is on 6-day visit of the Washington to discuss nuclear threats from North Korea. President Joe Biden praised and gifted a guitar signed by artist Don McLean the South Korean President Yoon Suk.

President Biden Announces 2024 Re-Election Campaign

Joe Biden has announced that he will be running for the 2024 presidential elections. In a video, Joe Biden announced that he will be fighting to make all the Americans get their due freedoms and fight against Republican extremism. 

Dead NASA Satellite Set To Strike Earth Today With Harm Risk

A dead NASA satellite is expected to crash back to earth today. Most of the satellite will burn while descending but NASA warns as it is expected to land on someone’s head. NASA’s 270 kilograms RHESSI satellite will strike earth at around 9:30 p.m. EDT.

Athlete Emerges After Spending 500 Days In A Cave

A sportswoman and an athlete emerged after spending 500 days in a 70-meters deep cave. Beatriz Flamini appeared after having read 60 books and drank a thousand liters of water. She spent a year and a half in a cave in Granada as an experiment which was closely monitored by scientists. 

Top Secret Leaked Documents Show US Spied On UN Chief

The latest leaked documents have been embarrassing for the US on all fronts. From bad image in Ukraine to spying on key allies, now the documents reveal that the UN chief has been under inspection by the US for being soft on Russian. The highly classified documents indicate that the US has been spying on the UN chief to see if he was safeguarding Russian interests.

Honesty Makes You Physically More Attractive, Study Shows

An interesting experiment has revealed a fascinating link between honesty and physical attractiveness. In a list of four experiments, researchers were able to conclude that people find the faces of honest individuals as more attractive, regardless of their gender or clothing.

Eight Dead Bodies Found Near US-Canada Border

Eight dead bodies were recovered from St. Lawrence River, located at the US-Canada border. According to the border officials, the eight bodies were of the migrants that were trying to cross the border illegally to the United States. 

Donald Trump Fears Arrest On Tuesday, Calls For Protests

The Former US President Donald Trump has called for mass protests across the country as he fears arrest. Trump said he is expecting to be arrested on Tuesday in a hush money case that he paid to a former adult actress. He has called upon his supporters to rally across the country ahead of his alleged arrest.

Israel Reports New Unidentified Covid Variant

Israel’s health ministry has announced to have detected a new Covid variant. The new mutated version infected two people who reportedly went abroad recently. The newer version is a combination of two variants, BA.1 (omicron) and BA.2, according to the health ministry.

Gulf Cartel Apologies For Murder & Turns In Responsible Members

Four Americans were kidnapped and two of them were murdered when they visited Matamoros, Mexico. The cartel has “turned in” the members who were responsible for it. Translation of the Letter: The Gulf Cartel Grupo Escorpiones strongly condemns the events of last Friday, March 3 in which unfortunately an innocent working mother died and four

Man Arrested For Carrying Bomb In Luggage At US Airport

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested a man carrying an explosive device to a Pennsylvania airport. The 40-year-old Mark Muffley was arrested the day after the explosive device was spotted in his luggage. He was about to take his flight to Orlando but fled the scene when his name was called over via a loudspeaker.