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Cortez writers for various topics on The Morning News. One of the old contributors to this publication, Cortez has experience in reporting truthful news.

President Biden Calls On Governor Cuomo To Resign

Following an official investigation on alleged sexual harassment of 11 women by Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, President Joe Biden asked Cuomo to resign on Tuesday. New York State House Speaker Carl Heastie, a Democrat, stated shortly after Biden’s statement that the house will aim to finish its impeachment investigation of the governor as

With COVID, Fauci Warns That It Is Going To Become Worse

As the country deals with a spike in the delta version of the COVID-19 virus, Dr. Anthony Fauci feels that the lockdowns saw last year are unlikely to recur, but he cautions “things will get worse.” “I don’t think we’re gonna see lockdowns. I think we have enough of the percentage of people in the

Three People Were Killed And Five Others Were Injured In Four Shootings In Seattle

According to authorities, three individuals were murdered and five others were injured in a series of unrelated gunshots in Seattle early Sunday. The four shootings occurred within three hours of each other, according to a press statement from the Seattle Police Department. The first happened at 1:48 a.m. outside a pub in the Belltown area.

Dating App Finds January 6 Suspect

Another suspect in the US Capitol riots was apprehended this week thanks to a dating app. Prosecutors claim Andrew Taake of Texas used the dating app Bumble while in Washington on January 6. When the match inquired if he was close to the Capitol, he said that he had been there since the beginning. He

Germany Walks Off Feild After A Player Faces Racism

During a test match against Honduras, Germany’s Olympic squad stormed off the field when Jordan Torunarigha was reportedly racially insulted. The Germany team’s Twitter account verified the news in a post that read: “The game has ended 5 minutes early with the score at 1-1. The German players left the pitch after Jordan Torunarigha was

Increasing Drug Overdose In Pandemic Causes Around 90 K Death In The US

In 2020, drug overdose had increased by 30% in the US due to pandemic and isolation. As per public health officials and preliminary federal data, it’s the result of a much more dangerous supply and undermining effects of the pandemic causing a huge death troll. On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released

California To See Record Number Of Wildfires This Year

It’s a phrase that’s been heard a lot this summer, from Silicon Valley to the Sierra, from Southern California to Shasta County. California is tense. Two consecutive record-dry winters, followed by early heat waves that brought temperatures in some locations soaring beyond 110 degrees, have left vegetation dangerously dry and poised to burn as summer

Biden Signs Executive Order To Attack Monopolies

The White House announced an executive order on Friday to promote competition throughout the U.S. economy, in the most ambitious effort in generations to reduce monopolies, big techs, and mergers. This is a major push by President Biden Admin to encourage competition as part of the economic recovery from the pandemic. The president also took it

Hurricane Elsa Downgraded To Tropical Strom As It Gets Weaker

After passing off the southern coast of Haiti on Saturday night, Tropical Storm Elsa has become slower, weaker, and smaller. Elsa had 65 mph maximum sustained winds that extended roughly 125 miles from the center as of the 8 a.m. report from the National Hurricane Center. Its forward pace, which had been a furious 30

J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen Shows Possibilities Against The Delta Variant

On Thursday, Johnson & Johnson declared that a single dose/shot of their COVID-19 Vaccine, Janssen, showed positive and promising signs of protection against the Delta variant that is abruptly spreading in the US and other countries causing more death rates. The company reported that the effects of the vaccine were strong, and it showed great

Treasury Warns Of Catastrophe If Congress Fails To Raise Debt Ceiling

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen assumes that the Federal Government may face scratches at times while paying bills in August Recess of Congress If the House fail to make required changes in Federal Borrowing Limit. The Congress suspended the borrowing limit till 31st July, 2021 causing inability of Treasury Department to raise additional cash exchanging securities.

Companies Forced To Give Juneteenth Off Because Of Federal Holiday

The recognition of Juneteenth as a federal holiday is placing pressure on more American companies to offer their employees the day off. Hundreds of major corporations had previously promised to mark Juneteenth in the aftermath of the police death of George Floyd and the subsequent national reckoning with racism. However, most private businesses base their