OpenAI Bans Bot Mimicking US Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips

Microsoft OpenAI has banned a bot that was impersonating the US presidential candidate, the Washington Post reported.

According to the company, the developer behind the artificial intelligence bot violated the company’s policy that is why they had to take it down.

Phillips, a democrat who is challenging Joe Biden, was impersonated by a ChatGPT-powered bot on the site.

ChatGPT Removed

The bot impersonating the presidential candidate was backed by Silicon valley entrepreneurs.

Dean.Bot, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, was developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Matt Krisiloff and Jed Somers to function as a PAC, Reuters reported.

OpenAI said individuals who are using this technology for innovation must not engage in political campaigns or lobbying, as it goes against the company’s policies.

The Washington Post article claimed that the entrepreneurs removed the ChatGPT from the bot and rely on freely available open source technology.

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