Satellites & Space Junk Thwart Space Imagery, Scientists Say

Space scientists have been constantly urged to reduce the air pollution as it hinders their space imagery. In a new study published in Nature journal, the astronomers called upon the satellite firms to reduce satellite launches as it makes it difficult for them to capture the space light.

The Economical Cost

The interesting thing about this new scientific study is that it has focused on the economic side of loss for the scientific community. It means that not only the satellites and its debris hinders the scientific observations but there’s an economic side to the picture too. According to John Barentine, a Consultant at Dark Sky Consulting, due to increasing brightness of our skies, the observatory procedures will annually cost $21 million more.

A Threat To Cultural Heritage

Scientists have also expressed worries about the gradual loss of humanity’s connection with the night sky. Humans have been gradually losing their cultural connection with the night sky which had remained important in history, storytelling, science and art, Aparna Venkatesan from University of San Francisco said.

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