Paul Cater

Paul Cater is a Politics Journalist residing in Frisco, TX. He enjoys writing about the latest current events. During Elections, He primarily focuses on updating his audience via his Twitter.

Russian Scientist Says Russia Lost 50k Scientists In 5 Years

According to a senior member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia has lost around 50,000 scientists in the last five years. Valentin Parmon said that Russia has been constantly losing its key research scientists since 2014, when it annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Rise In Negative Reviews After Snaphat Introduces AI Feature

People have started to criticize Snapchat after it introduces new AI features to its platform. Snapchat has seen rise in its negative review ratings on app store after it was launched globally last week. Users were not specifically happy with the way My AI chatbot functioned as it was always pinned to the top for free users.

Pirates Abandoned Danish Ship, Kidnapped Crew Members

A week ago, Pirates kidnapped a Danish-owned oil tanker and abandoned it after kidnapping some of its crew members. The oil tanker Monjasa Reformer was found abandoned in the Sao Tome and Principe but some of the crew members were missing, Monjasa said.

McDonald’s To Increase Prices On Popular Items

For the second time in just six weeks, Mcdonald’s has announced to increase prices for a number of items on its menu. The fast-food chain announced the decision amid serious inflation and labor costs. The last price hike was seen on 15 February when it raised prices of five single menu items, although Mcdonal’s is not alone doing all this.

Satellites & Space Junk Thwart Space Imagery, Scientists Say

Space scientists have been constantly urged to reduce the air pollution as it hinders their space imagery. In a new study published in Nature journal, the astronomers called upon the satellite firms to reduce satellite launches as it makes it difficult for them to capture the space light.

Scientific Study Proposes New Way To Reverse Aging

A scientific study has proposed an advance way to reverse the aging process. Scientists from Xiamen University of China discovered a new way to deal with Menin, a hypothalamic protein, that is responsible for regulating aging and cognitive decline. 

US Will Destroy Taiwan Chip Factories, Trump Official Says

An official from the previous Trump administration said that the US will destroy all the chip factories if China ever intended to attack and seize Taiwan. Robert O’Brien, a National Security Advisor to Ex-President Donald Trump said that the US and western allies will not allow Taiwan’s semiconductor factories to fall into the hands of China. 

SpaceX Crew-5 Astronauts Successfully Landed Near Florida

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 returned back to earth after spending 157 days in orbit. The spacecraft carrying the four astronauts made a safe landing in the Gulf of Mexico, not far from the Florida coast near Tampa. NASA astronauts Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada, along with Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, and Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina landed on Saturday at 9:02 p.m. EST.

Greek Minister Resigns After Train Collision Killed 40

A deadly train accident in Greece killed 40 people while 60 are still missing. Two Trains collided with each other in the central Greek town of Tempe. A passenger train traveling from Athens to Thessaloniki collided with a cargo train traveling from Thessaloniki to Larissa before midnight, Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Greek transport minister, Kostas Karamanlis, resigned from his office to pay respect to the victims.

Migrant Shipwreck Killed At Least 59 In Southern Italy

A migrant ship sank after it crashed with rocks near the southern coast of Italy. Shipwreck killed 59 including 12 children, the authorities said. The wooden boat struck a rock in a stormy sea off the coast of the Calabria region. About 150 people were on board when the boat came in the merciless sea waves and the search for others is still underway. 

Japan Found Mysterious Iron ball On Its Coast

A mysterious iron ball was spotted on Japanese Enshu beach in the city of Hamamatsu. The iron ball left the police and residents shocked as they couldn’t figure out what it really was. The first impression was that it could have been a Chinese or North Korean spy object, but the rumors were dismissed by Japanese authorities.