March 20, 2023

Satellites & Space Junk Thwart Space Imagery, Scientists Say

Space scientists have been constantly urged to reduce the air pollution as it hinders their space imagery. In a new study published in Nature journal, the astronomers called upon the satellite firms to reduce satellite launches as it makes it difficult for them to capture the space light.

Three Men Found Guilty Of Killing Jahseh Onfroy

Three men who were accused of killing the 20-year-old rapper in 2018, were found guilty on Monday. The men were convicted of murdering the young rapper during an ambush robbery in 2018, when Jahseh Onfroy went out of the bank after withdrawing money. The controversial rapper, XXXTentacion, died on spot after being fatally shot in the car.

Ex-Australian Soldier Charged With War Crime In Afghanistan

The former Australian SAS soldier has been charged with committing war crimes in Afghanistan. Oliver Schulz, the former SAS soldier has been charged with murder of a civilian in the southern province of Afghanistan, Uruzgan. Oliver is the first serviceman to be charged with murder under the Australian law and will face life sentence.

Putin Ban iPhones For Kremlin Employees

In a move to tighten the security, Moscow has told the Presidential employees to get rid of their iPhones. Putin’s administrative employees are given a one-month deadline to get rid of their iPhones and replace them with some other mobile phones.