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Trump Explains How Wild & Extreme His Second Term Would Be

During his visit to South Dakota, the former President Donald Trump explained how his next presidential term would look like.

In his natural tone, he urged supporters to use all their force otherwise they’ll lose their great country, the United States of America.

Woman Jailed For 22 Years For Sending Ricin Letters to Trump

A Canadian woman has been jailed for 22 years for trying to kill the former US President Donald Trump. The woman sent letters with the ricin inside to kill Trump, who was still the President at that time. The suspect Pascale Ferrier pleaded guilty to biological weapon charges in January. 

Report Says Biden Angrily Yells, Curses Staff in Private

According to a report by Axios, President Joe Biden has a reputation for expressing frustration and anger in private, often using strong language while addressing his staff. The report highlights instances where the president has been heard reprimanding his staff with statements like, ‘God dammit, how the f*#k don’t you know this? and Don’t f***king bullsh*t me.

Donald Trump To Be Charged With Espionage

The former US President Donald Trump has been indicted on seven counts in the classified documents probe. He has been facing criminal charges over his alleged role in mishandling of the classified documents after he ceased to remain the president.

Remains of US War Hero Returned After 73 Years

The remains of a US soldier who died in the Korean war in 1950, were returned back home after 73 years. Army Cpl Luther Herschel Story got wounded and killed while fighting in the Korean war and was awarded with the Medal of Honor after the war.

Donald Trump Fears Arrest On Tuesday, Calls For Protests

The Former US President Donald Trump has called for mass protests across the country as he fears arrest. Trump said he is expecting to be arrested on Tuesday in a hush money case that he paid to a former adult actress. He has called upon his supporters to rally across the country ahead of his alleged arrest.

Joe Biden Removed Cancerous Skin Tissue Last Month

The physician of US president Joe Biden revealed that they had removed a cancerous lesion last month. The cancerous skin was removed successfully from his chest region. The lesion, basal cell carcinoma, was detected during a routine health check-up of the US president. Dr. Kevin O’Connor said that the cancer cells were removed and there was nothing to worry about.

Ex-President Jimmy Carter Begins Hospice Care

The former US president has started to receive hospice care at home. The 98-year-old former president has been suffering from multiple health issues such as melanoma, due to which he spent several hospital stays. Jimmy Carter served as the US president from January 1977 to January 1981.