Kamala Harris Ready To Serve As President Amid Biden’s Age Issue

US Vice President Kamala Harris has hinted at replacing Joe Biden’s presidency amid concerns about his age.

During her interview with the Wall Street Journal, Harris said people were worried about Biden’s age and memory, and she would be ready to serve as President of the country if needed.

Kamala Harris Ready To Be President

Kamala Harris, the current Vice President to the sitting Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden, said she and her colleagues trust her ability to lead the nation.

The remarks made sense, keeping in mind the nature of legal and political hurdles Joe Biden has gotten himself into.

After a report by the Department of Justice’s special counsel Robert Hur regarding Biden’s age and memory, Harris openly criticized it for being “politically motivated”.

Voters Are Worried

An NBC News poll from February found that 76% of voters are worried about Biden’s mental and physical health.

In an interview on “Face the Nation,” Harris had previously commented on becoming commander-in-chief, if necessary, but reiterated that Biden is fine to lead.

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