Trump Explains How Wild & Extreme His Second Term Would Be

During his visit to South Dakota, the former President Donald Trump explained how his next presidential term would look like.

In his natural tone, he urged supporters to use all their force otherwise they’ll lose their great country, the United States of America.

Trump also accused the current US President Joe Biden of interfering in the electoral process.

Fight Like Hell

During the rally, Mr. Trump urged his supporters to vote for him and “fight like hell” in the next presidential election to free the country.

What’s dangerous about his rhetoric is the fact that his supporters still think they’ve been wronged in the last elections. He accused Joe Biden for mishandling the border security and an increase in crime rates throughout his presidency.

Opponents Turning To 14th Amendment

As per the 14th amendment of the constitution of the United States, a current and former official cannot hold a public office if he/she “engaged in insurrection or rebellion”.

Critics have suggested the 14 amendment to bar the ex-president from 2024 elections.

The current criminal charges against Trump doesn’t prevent him from becoming the president.

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