Biden Slammed For Hosting BBQ As War Rages in Israel

While Hamas wages war against Israel and takes Americans captives, Biden celebrates by having a barbeque party at the White House.

US President Joe Biden came under fire from the republicans for hosting a barbeque party at a critical time.

Reporters said there was loud music coming from the White House, New York Post reported.

President and First Lady Hosted BBQ Party

Republican Senator Josh Hawley tweeted that “While Hamas holds Americans hostage, Joe Biden is enjoying a picnic with a live band”.

On asking what was happening inside, the pool reporters were told that the President and the First Lady were having a barbeque party for White House staff and family members.

Why Does It Matter?

Well, one might ask, why does it matter and why should the President be bothered by what’s happening?. The answer is simple, Israel is a strategic US ally in the Middle East and the US warned any other third party from intervening in the conflict. Ignoring Israel is catastrophic for the US, at least this is what experts suggest.

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