UK Bee Population in Danger Over Asian Hornets Rise

The United Kingdom’s bee population has been under threat from the dramatic rise of Asian hornets. Experts are worried about the catastrophic consequences Asia hornets could pose to the local ecosystem. The dangerous insects have already arrived in the UK after taking over most of Europe.

British Museum Sacks Employee For Stealing Artifacts

The British Museum has sacked one of its own employees for stealing artifacts from the Museum. The stolen items include jewelry, gold, gems and other precious stones. The suspect responsible is a staff member of the British Museum in London, an impressive tourist destination in the UK. The Museum said they were working with investigative experts to recover the stolen or any damaged artifacts.

9 Million In England Expected To Have Dementia & Cancer By 2040

According to a report by the Health Foundation, there will be a 9 million people with conditions like cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease in England by 2040. The rise is estimated to reach 2.5 million, representing a shocking 37% increase when compared to the data from 2019.

Aldi Customer Horrified To Find Live Snake In Broccoli Bag

A 62-year-old grandfather was Horrified to find a live snake inside a broccoli bag he bought from Aldi. Neville Linton, from England, said he bought the groceries from the Aldi branch in Stourbridge last month and stored them in the fridge. After three days, he took the bag out and was about to make a meal when he was shocked to find a snake inside.

Report Shows Most Dangerous Places To Live In UK

Crime data by Office for National Statistics has listed the topmost dangerous places to live in the UK. The data have used maps to identify both the most dangerous places and the least dangerous places. The National Statistics office tracked all the crimes recorded by police including drug offences, sexual offences and violent behaviours. Here is the list of the top five most dangerous places to live.

UK Supermarkets Limit Fruit And Vegetable Sales

UK supermarkets are trying to limit their sales of fruits and vegetables amid severe shortages. Supply chains have been severely disrupted by weather changes in Spain and Morocco, two major importers to the UK. Asda, the British supermarket chain has imposed three per-person limits on several fruits and vegetables followed by Morrisons, which has imposed a cap of two per person on several commodities.

Drones Set To Deliver Medical Supplies In UK

What seems to be a revolution in the field of health service, the NHS trust has started delivering medical supplies between hospitals. The innovative project is still under trial but most of the officials are optimistic about its success. The trial will take place at Wansbeck General Hospital, in Ashington, Berwick Infirmary, and Alnwick Infirmary.

166 Million Years Old Dinosaur Footprint Discovered In UK

Scientists were able to discover an amazing dinosaur footprint on Yorkshire’s coast. The footprint found was at least 166 million years old, the researchers said. It seems that the predator was probably resting here on Yorkshire’s coast in the United Kingdom.