UK And US Repel Deadliest Terrorist Attack in Red Sea

The combined naval effort by the United Kingdom and the United States has repealed one of the deadliest attacks in the Red Sea.

CENTCOM said the naval force neutralized a barrage of 20 drones and some missiles heading towards a commercial ship in the Red Sea.

Fortunately, no injuries or fatalities were reported in the incident. 

UK Warns of Severe Consequences

Hours after the combined naval effort, the British defense secretary warned the Yemen based Houthis to cease their attacks against commercial ships.

The UK defense secretary, Grant Shapps, said Houthis will have to face severe consequences if they don’t cease their operations.

“The attacks launched by the Houthis are unacceptable and their consequences will be severe.” he said, according to the guardian.

Largest Attack

The attack was one of the deadliest attacks that had happened in the crucial shipping lane since October 7.

Iranian-backed Houthis have been launching attacks against commercial ships in solidarity with the people of besieged Middle Eastern enclave. 

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