Inquiry Blames UK Special Forces For Killing 9 While Sleeping

An independent inquiry has blamed United Kingdom’s special forces for executing people in their beds in Afghanistan.

The lead counsel of the inquiry said the UK special forces (SAS) deliberately executed members of a single family when they were sleeping in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

Photo: BBC

Killed While Sleeping

A hearing session went underway at London based Royal Courts of Justice which accused the SAS of unlawfully killing 9 people belonging to the same family.

The hearing also shed light on other instances where UK military officials were engaged in war crimes across Afghanistan.

Oliver Glasgow KC, the lead counsel of the inquiry, said the victims also included multiple children who had nothing to do with terrorists. 

Victims Want Justice

Those involved in the inquiry collected substantial evidence suggesting open fire against unarmed civilians.

Bullet holes were found close to the ground levels, suggesting the victims were shot while they were sleeping.

The family members, whom the BBC interviews, insist that those shot were innocent, and justice must be served.

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