UK Bee Population in Danger Over Asian Hornets Rise

The United Kingdom’s bee population has been under threat from the dramatic rise of Asian hornets. Experts are worried about the catastrophic consequences Asia hornets could pose to the local ecosystem. The dangerous insects have already arrived in the UK after taking over most of Europe.

Bees in Danger

Leading scientists have been publishing about the rise in the Asian hornet population which can significantly harm the local bees and plant population. THe report published recently mentioned that the hornets primarily feed on bees and plants, playing a major role in their extinction. The global economy loses around $380 billion by the invading Asian predatory wasp, the report mentioned.

How Did Asian Hornets Arrive in UK?

The experts point towards France for unintentionally introducing the Asian hornets in the mainland. They arrived in France on a pottery consignment from China and since then they have spread into the UK. They were first spotted in the British Isles on the Channel Island of Jersey, back in 2016.

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