Volunteers Create Massive Stag From Boulders in Scotland

After five years of non-stop hard work, artists erected a massive stag on an Aberdeenshire hillside in Scotland, UK.

The BBC report said the stag was made in 1870, but it disappeared from the site with time.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of stones were transported by horse and cart.

Who Did It?

The credit for restructuring this colossal stag goes to a local, Doug Simpson.

He said he was motivated to do the remarkable work after hearing it from a fellow rambler.

He, along with his volunteers, pinpointed the location, which was hard to detect amid overgrown vegetation.

Doug Simpson

Social Media Drew Volunteers

Doug Simpson found it hard to recruit volunteers for his project.

He started posting on social media, which drew many volunteers, including many schoolchildren.

The stag eventually reappeared after months of hard work, thanks to the volunteers, Simpson said.

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