Woman Jailed For 22 Years For Sending Ricin Letters to Trump

A Canadian woman has been jailed for 22 years for trying to kill the former US President Donald Trump. The woman sent letters with the ricin inside to kill Trump, who was still the President at that time. The suspect Pascale Ferrier pleaded guilty to biological weapon charges in January. 

Florida Murder Suspect Arrested After 40 Years On The Run

A Florida murder suspect was finally arrested after evading the police for four decades. Authorities said Donald Santini was on the run for 40 years for a murder of a 33-year-old Florida woman Cynthia Wood in 1984. Santini was the last person who was seen with the victim, therefore he left Hillsborough County immediately and went into hiding.

10 Killed in Mass Shooting At California Monterey Park

At Least ten people have been killed and several injured after a suspect opened fire at Monterey Park in the US state of California. The incident took place in Monterey Park 13 km from Los Angeles. The suspect, carrying a long gun, opened fire in the ballroom dance studio of Monetary Park but managed to flee after killing 10 people. 

5 Dead As Gunman Opened Fire In North Carolina

The shooting occurred in the capital of the North Carolina state near the Neuse River Greenway. Multiple people have been killed so far including a police officer with few injured. The injured were quickly transferred to a nearby health facility. One injured remains in critical condition