Lego Ask Police To Not Use Heads on Their Mugshots

Lego has asked the Murrieta police department in Southern California to stop using Lego heads to cover suspects’ faces in images shared on social media.

The department’s practice of covering faces with Lego heads and emojis gained attention after a recent Instagram post explaining its policy.

Lego Takes Stand on Copyright

Under a new California law, police departments must remove booking photos shared on social media within 14 days unless specific circumstances apply.

While Murrieta police implemented the Lego heads to comply with the law while engaging with the community, Lego requested them to cease using their intellectual property.

Picture of suspects being detained by California Police

Police Considering Alternative Methods

The department is now considering alternative methods to share content.

Assembly member Corey Jackson, the primary sponsor of the California law, expressed concerns about law enforcement agencies finding loopholes to skirt the law.

Jackson emphasized the importance of maintaining public trust in law enforcement’s commitment to implementing law and order.

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