Controversial US Catholic Priest Dies After Church Attack

A catholic priest died after an attack on the church in the US state of Nebraska.

The police said they found the suspect and Stephen Gutgsellin at the church when they reached.

The priest was hurt and later died in the hospital as he was severely injured.

The priest pleaded guilty to stealing $127,000 in 2007 and was assigned to a different church.

Church Priest Dies

Nebraska state police said they received an emergency call from a community member.

Upon arrival, they found the suspect and the victim, Stephen Gutgsellin, in critical condition.

The suspect, Kierre Williams, was taken into custody on suspicion of committing the murder.

A Controversial Priest

The priest Stephen Gutgsellin pleaded guilty to stealing $127,000 from a parish in 2007.

Mr. Gutgsellin was sentenced to probation, forced to pay the amount back, and transferred to a different church. The police said his death was not related to the incident.

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