melting glaciers

London-Sized Glacier Breaks Off In Antarctica

An iceberg broke off from Antarctica last Sunday, researchers said. A massive iceberg, nearly the size of Greater London, separated from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Researchers first noticed significant fractures in the ice shelf a decade ago, but in recent years, there have been two significant separations.

83% Of World’s Glacier Is About To Vanish

Our planet’s temperature is increasing at an alarming rate. Forests are shrinking, floods are getting frequent, animals are getting extinct, and the glaciers are vanishing day by day. A latest report has revealed shocking figures as it claims that 83% or two-third of the world’s glaciers are projected to disappear from the surface by the end of this century.

Canadian Polar Bears Vanishing Due To Climate Change

Polar bears are declining as ice melts much quickly in ice-covered regions of the world. Species upon which our survival depends are losing their homes due to climate change. A recent report has revealed that the population of polar bears in Canada’s western Hudson Bay is declining at a much faster rate in the last few years.