NASA Expert Says Why Sea Levels Are Rising

Scientists have been repeatedly asking the world leaders and the general public to do something about the rising sea level that directly threatens the lives of millions across the world. A scientist from NASA explained what’s causing the sea levels around the world that can easily destroy the entire human civilization at one point of time in the future.

Oceans Are Heating Up

The first reason NASA’s sea level rise expert Ben Hamlington mentioned was the overheating of the earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse gasses that are being repeatedly emitted are heating up the atmosphere which ends up warming the oceans. The sea levels rise as the oceans trap more and more heat that has accumulated from human activities in recent decades.

Melting Glaciers

According to Hamlington, the second reason for the rising sea levels across the world, is the melting of glaciers.  As our temperatures absorb more heat, it directly threatens the massive glaciers that help in keeping the climate stable by reflecting the sun’s rays.

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