83% Of World’s Glacier Is About To Vanish

Our planet’s temperature is increasing at an alarming rate. Forests are shrinking, floods are getting frequent, animals are getting extinct, and the glaciers are vanishing day by day. A latest report has revealed shocking figures as it claims that 83% or two-third of the world’s glaciers are projected to disappear from the surface by the end of this century.

2/3 Of Glaciers Disappearing

The  latest report was published in  journal Science that investigated more than 200,000 land based glaciers. According to the research study, if the temperature continues to rise by the same rate, 83% of the world’s glaciers will melt down as temperature rises to 2.7-degree Celsius. 

Rising Sea Levels

The melting ice sheets will increase the sea levels to an alarming 4.5 inches. Earth is expected to lose between 38.7 trillion metric tonnes to 64.4 trillion tonnes of ice, depending upon how much fossil fuels humans burn in the next 8 decades. 

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