Canadian Polar Bears Vanishing Due To Climate Change

Polar bears are declining as ice melts much quickly in ice-covered regions of the world. Species upon which our survival depends are losing their homes due to climate change. A recent report has revealed that the population of polar bears in Canada’s western Hudson Bay is declining at a much faster rate in the last few years. 

1/3 Of Bear Population Gone

According to a survey released, polar bears are rapidly disappearing from the western half of Hudson Bay at the southernmost point of the Canadian Arctic. The population has decreased by 27% as compared to the last population survey. In 2016, 842 bears lived in the region which has gone down to just 618 now. 

Extinction Around The Corner

According to climatologists, if the earth’s atmosphere continues to accumulate greenhouse gasses, the bear population will completely vanish from the surface of the earth. The ice-free days are getting longer as the ice melts due to rising temperature.

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