London-Sized Glacier Breaks Off In Antarctica

An iceberg broke off from Antarctica last Sunday, researchers said. A massive iceberg, nearly the size of Greater London, separated from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Researchers first noticed significant fractures in the ice shelf a decade ago, but in recent years, there have been two significant separations.

Roughly The Size Of London

According to the British Antarctic Survey, the iceberg is approximately 600 square miles or 1550 square kilometers, roughly the size of London. The researchers claimed that Antarctica has been experiencing this phenomenon for the past few decades with the extent of sea ice fluctuating between “record highs and record lows”. 

Not Linked To Climate Change

The phenomenon is not linked to climate change and it is a usual pattern but it was a little warmer as compared to previous years. “It is not linked to climate change,” Professor Dominic Hodgson, a  glaciologist, said. The event was expected and is in no way linked to climate change, the researchers said.

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