James Webb Space Telescope

New Study Says Saturn Rings Are Disappearing

The ring structures around the Saturn planet has amazed astronomers for decades as the planet has the most extensive ring system in the entire solar system. But according to a new study, Saturn rings are disappearing and may not be there for future sky gazers. The data collected by NASA’s Cassini mission from 2004 to 2017 has revealed that the beautiful rings are eroding but the reason is yet to be known.

Rare Green Comet To Pass By Earth After 50,000 Years

A rare green comet that has been moving around in our solar system will pass by our earth tonight. The green comet will pass after 50,000 years, according to NASA. Tonight, it’ll make its closest approach to our planet and will be visible to the general public.

Astronomers Discovered 200+ New Planets In 2022

In 2020 alone, Astronomers have managed to discover more than 200 new planets. All the newly discovered planets are outside of our solar system. The search for a planet similar to Earth has been underway for decades, although methods and technology for planet discovery have been evolving with time.

James Webb Space Telescope Has Found The Oldest Galaxy

Four ancient galaxies discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope in the first few months of operation have been confirmed by astronomers to be the oldest galaxies ever discovered by mankind and to be almost as old as the cosmos itself.