Astronomers Discovered 200+ New Planets In 2022

In 2020 alone, Astronomers have managed to discover more than 200 new planets. All the newly discovered planets are outside of our solar system. The search for a planet similar to Earth has been underway for decades, although methods and technology for planet discovery have been evolving with time.

Wonders Of James Webb Telescope

A new era of space science started when our world tested the very first photos of the newly developed James Webb Telescope. The mission to find additional exoplanets has benefited from the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. The Hubble telescope, which is still in use, was replaced by the most potent observatory launched into orbit, and it started relaying its first cosmic photographs in July, 2022. The estimated cost of the newly developed telescope is around $10 billion. 

5,235 Confirmed Exoplanets

NASA confirmed that they discovered 5000 exoplanets in the initial months of last year. “We end (2022) with 5,235 known worlds,” NASA tweeted. Most of the newly discovered exo-planets are like Earth and Mars, they mentioned.

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