New Study Says Saturn Rings Are Disappearing

The ring structures around the Saturn planet has amazed astronomers for decades as the planet has the most extensive ring system in the entire solar system. But according to a new study, Saturn rings are disappearing and may not be there for future sky gazers. The data collected by NASA’s Cassini mission from 2004 to 2017 has revealed that the beautiful rings are eroding but the reason is yet to be known.

Scientists Are Uncertain

Scientists are still uncertain how fast the planet is getting rid of its gigantic structures. According to James O’Donoghue, a planetary scientist, the scientific community will have to go through a huge research campaign to accurately predict when the rings are going to fade away, as for now, they only have some assumptions which are yet to be proven.

What Caused The Ring Structures?

There is a high level of uncertainty among the scientists as they, to this day, don’t know what caused the Saturn’s ring system. A researcher at NASA, Jeff Cuzzi, said that the ring structure might have been caused by stronger gravitational force of Saturn, which caused its moons to collapse and form the rings.

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