New Images Of Jupiter That Suprised Scientists

New Jupiter photos from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope show rainbow auroras, enormous storms, and distant galaxies. Something scientists were surprised by and not expecting at all.

james webb jupiter
New Images of Jupiter From James Webb Telescope

James Webb’s New Pictures Of Jupiter

The biggest planet in our solar system was seen by De Pater and Thierry Fouchet, a professor at the Paris Observatory, using the Webb telescope.

Multiple photos from the telescope were combined to create an overall composite, giving Earth a view of the gas giant that shifts from orange and yellow in Jupiter’s poles to blues and purples toward the center.

Additionally, the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, a storm large enough to swallow up Earth, appears white in these pictures.

jupiter on james webb

James Webb Space Telescope

When launched in December of last year, there were high hopes for the James Webb Space Telescope. Since it when active, it has not disappointed.

With James Webb, NASA and scientists now can see deeper into our universe and get a clear picture of plants and stars all around us.

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