The Case For Banning AirBnb

The Case For Banning Airbnb

There used to be a time when Airbnb offered a good deal, you would be able to rent an entire house for a price of a hotel room, but that honeymoon phase is now over.

Amazon Kills Free Speech

There has been a lot of press recently concerning how Amazon employees are treated in their warehouse. As a result, a multibillion-dollar revenue-generating firm has taken steps to prevent its employees from unionizing.

Twitter Tests A New Feature After Elon Joins Company

On April 7th, 2022, Twitter announced that they will be rolling out this feature soon and have been testing it. This feature removes your handle from all tweets and stops you from being tagged in any replies or receiving any more alerts.


NFTs Are The Biggest Scam Of 2022

NFTs have been on the rise in 2002 & a lot of people are buying thinking it’s the next gold rush, but in fact, most of them are getting scammed.

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