Apple, YouTube, & Spotify Increase Subscription Price

In today’s world, prices for everything are going up and that includes subscription prices. Apple and YouTube have already announced they will increase their prices for Apple TV+, Apple Music, and YouTube Premium subscriptions. Now Spotify is likely to follow and increase its price as well.

Apple Subscription Prices Increase

Apple announced earlier this month that it will be increasing the prices on their subscriptions plans.

For Apple Music, for individuals, the price went up to $10.99 which was a $1 increase. For a family plan, the price went up to $16.99 which was a $2 increase.

Apple One Pricing Before The Increase

For Apple’s big bundle which includes TV+, Music, cloud storage, and video games as one, called Apple One, the price went from $14.99 to $16.99 for an individual plan and $22.95 for a family plan.

YouTube Price Increase

YouTube is mostly a free ad-running platform. But YouTube does have a subscription tier called, YouTube Premium, where you can access premium original content as well as watch videos without the ads and even listen to music.

For YouTube Premium, the family plan price went up to $22.99 from $17.99.

Spotify Price Increase

But now, after Apple and YouTube increased their prices, Spotify is also thinking about a price increase.

Spotify also reported the best numbers when it comes to subscribers and revenue for the last quarter.

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