Airlines Now Have To Be More Transparent About Additional Fees

On Monday, President Joe Biden is anticipated to reveal a new proposed regulation that would require travel agencies and airlines to be more open about any additional fees that customers could be charged, such as for the luggage, ticket changes, or cancellations.

Additional Fees Airlines Charge

Airlines are very sneaky about including additional fees to your airplane ticket.

For example, a lot of airlines and travel agencies will charge you a fee if you book with them over the phone than online. These charges could range from $20-30 all the way to $100+ or more.

Some airlines also charge you for carry-on luggage. This is not the luggage you check in but the luggage that you “carry on” with you on the plane.

These days, airlines are charging additional fees from in-flight WiFi all the way to pillows and blankets.

New Transparency

Before purchasing a ticket, passengers should be informed of the full cost of their flights, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a statement on Sunday.

According to a draft news release from the Department of Transportation, under the new transparency rule, “airlines and travel sites would have to disclose up front (the first time an airfare is displayed) any fees charged to sit with your child, for changing or canceling your flight, and for checked or carry-on baggage.”

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