Jeanine Bagley

Jeanine Bagley is an international current events reporter with over 7 years of experience. Previously she worked as an on-site reporter for Local 8 news channel in Vermont. She is a woman advocate for educating young adult women.

UK May Ban Smoking For Future Generations

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak said the government is restricting banning for future generations. The reports mentioned that the government seeks to implement measures that will put strict restrictions on the sale and consumption of cigarettes. The UK is looking to make the country smoke-free by 2030.

India Suspends Visas For Canadians As Tensions Soar

Amid soaring tension between the two countries, India has suspended new visas for Canadians until further notice. The relations between the two countries have dropped to new low as both expelled the senior most diplomats.

Elon Musk Indicates He Might Put X Behind A Paywall

Elon Musk has hinted at charging users to access the X, formerly twitter. X users may have to pay a certain amount to use the platform to remove bots from the system. Elon Musk and the Israeli Prime Minister held a detailed meeting where he hinted at possible subscriptions for using the basic version of X.

CCTV Shows Miami Airport Staff Allegedly Stealing From Bags

CCTV footage from the Miami International Airport has surfaced that appears to show some staff members stealing from the luggage. The Transportation security administration (TSA) agents zipped through multiple bags and stole things after carefully analyzing them, the CCTV revealed.

Greenland Cruise Ship Stuck in Mud Pulled Out After 3 Days

A luxury cruise ship stuck in the mud for 3 days has finally been pulled out in Greenland. The ship named Ocean Explorer got stuck at the Arctic Circle in Alpefjord with 210 passengers onboard, but the rescuers managed to free it after several days.

Putin’s Z Bloggers Are Profiting From Ukraine Invasion: BBC

While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may have caused significant human and infrastructure losses, Putin’s Z bloggers are profiting from the brutal invasion. According to the BBC report, Russian bloggers who support the invasion are earning large sums of money by documenting Russia’s invasion.

Indian Moon Rover Discovers Key Sulphur on South Pole

India’s space agency recently revealed that the space rover has discovered Sulphur on the southern pole of the moon. The rover Pragyan has also detected some other elements on the surface including aluminium, calcium, iron, chromium and titanium on the lunar surface.

Rare Blue Supermoon To Brighten The Sky This Week

Skygazers are told to set their clocks in the coming few days for a rare “super blue moon”. The super blue moon is expected to be seen on August 30th, offering an excellent opportunity for skywatchers once it takes off to the horizon.

KFC Commits to Deliver 12 Million Meals in UK

KFC has announced plans to distribute 12 million meals in the UK. The international food chain announced partnership with FareShare, a food charity organization, to deliver the meals. KFC is aiming to assist millions in the UK struggling with hunger amid skyrocketing food prices.