Jeanine Bagley

Jeanine Bagley is an international current events reporter with over 7 years of experience. Previously she worked as an on-site reporter for Local 8 news channel in Vermont. She is a woman advocate for educating young adult women.

Leaking Russian Spacecraft Returns Back To Earth

A damaged Russian spacecraft returned back to earth after reporting a slight leak at the International Space Station months ago. In February, A tiny meteorite punctured the outer surface of Russian Soyuz MS-22, causing it to be less than one millimeter in diameter.

Jack Ma Is Seen Again After Prolonged Disappearance

Jack Ma has resurfaced again in China after years of absence from the public eye. Alibaba’s founder visited a school where he met school teaching staff and students as he talked about how artificial intelligence might pose a threat to education. The Chinese billionaire went off screen when he criticized the Chinese government’s financial regulators in 2020.

UK Food Inflation At 18% For First Time In 45 Years

Food Inflation in the UK has risen to 18% in the last month amid severe food and vegetable shortages. Inflation has skyrocketed unexpectedly to its highest rate since 1977, after gradual decline for three consecutive months. Halt in production of vegetables in northern Africa and southern Europe is the primary cause of booming prices across UK

World Is Heating Up To Unprecedented Levels, UN Says

Scientists and climate advocates have been sounding the alarm for decades about the adverse effects of climate change on human well-being. A new report by the UN shows how our planet is heating up to unprecedented levels carrying catastrophic results for the future generations.

Putin Ban iPhones For Kremlin Employees

In a move to tighten the security, Moscow has told the Presidential employees to get rid of their iPhones. Putin’s administrative employees are given a one-month deadline to get rid of their iPhones and replace them with some other mobile phones.

Paris To Collect 5,600 Tonnes Of Waste After Protests

Workers including bin workers took to the street of Paris to reject President Macron after he raised the legal age of retirement by two years. The streets of Paris are filled with tonnes of garbage attracting rats and cockroaches, according to a resident that spoke to French radio. 

60 Years Old Sets World Record For 3,264 push-ups In One Hour

60-year-old Rob Stirling did 3,264 push-ups in a single hour setting the world record. Rob proved that age is just a number and one can remain fit as long as one wants. He broke the previously set record of Daniel Scali from Australia who did 3,182 push-ups in one hour.

Scientists Warn Of Frozen “Zombie” Viruses Infecting Humans

As the temperatures rise due to global warming, scientists warn of more “lethal” viruses in the future. Melting glaciers are constantly threatening the release of ancient frozen viruses and carbon stored in the frozen grounds of permafrost.  Professor Jean-Michel Claverie has found some “zombie viruses” while studying Siberian permafrost. 

China Wants Peaceful Reunification With Taiwan

Amid increasing tensions between China and self-ruled Taiwan, the latter proposes to reunify Taiwan peacefully. China, for years, has been threatening to take the island by force if necessary, which has also forced the US to back Taiwan recently. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that China wants a peaceful reunification without military aggression.

50% Of World Population To Be Overweight by 2035

More than half of the world’s population will become obese by 2035, a new report by the World Obesity Federation claimed. A report looking over the economic impact of obesity argued that by 2035, our world will have more than 50% of the population classified as obese. The alarming number of obese people coupled with the rising population will have disastrous consequences if not controlled.

TikTok Limiting Time For Under 18 Users

The video-sharing platform is set to limit its screen time for users who are under 18. The users will not be able to use TikTok for more than one hour. TikTok said that they are going to implement the new policy to make sure people stay in control while using the app. 

$330 Million Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Ecuador

Police have seized a cocaine shipment worth a massive $330 million in Ecuador. The shipment was ready to be dispatched to Belgium in a couple of days. The police said that the shipment was almost 8.8 tonnes found inside a container of bananas.