Biden Mandates COVID-19 Vaccination Or Weekly Test For Large Employers And Federal Staff

President Biden’s recent announcement requires all employers with 100 plus employees to be completely vaccinated and if not, unvaccinated employees will need to go through weekly COVID-19 tests. All measures have been undertaken by the Biden Administration to curb the rapid spread of the pandemic. So far the Biden Administration takes this challenge positively. Mr.

White House Reveals Plan To Cut Prescription-Drug Prices With Legal Power

President Biden & his administration plan to control prescription-drug prices, to cut down driving down costs with the help of legislation with Congressional support. The plan unleashes empowerment to the federal government to negotiate for Medicare drug prices and pass implement that even through the private sector. Concerned agencies and departments will be given administrative

Taliban Allowed Americans & Other Foreigners To Fly Out Of Afghanistan

The Taliban has allowed a special flight from Qatari to fly out with 200 Americans & Western passport holders, including US officials on Thursday. This would be the first flight to enable the Americans to leave the country after the US forces left the country last month. After speaking to Reuters anonymously, the US officials

Delta Variant Pulls Down Late Summer Job Opening Scopes In US

The recruitment process in the US has been declined recently as the late summer data shows COVID-19 resurgence with Delta variant cutting off hirings in strongly demanded in-person service positions in restaurants, salons, entertainments, and other sectors. According to the data revealed from that the job-postings are slashed down to 37% compare to pre-pandemic

Numerous Business Trip Cancellation For COVID Resurgence Hit Hotel & Air Business

Business Organizations and Companies are making delays to bring their employees back to the office due to the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic with delta variant. As a result, business trips are being postponed, rescheduled, or scheduled in virtual medium to avoid traveling and physical meetings. This has set a huge impact on the expected

Apple Watch Is Coming With More Healthcare Diagnostic Features

Currently, the Apple watch is advanced enough to scan one’s heart conditions and call out for help at times of emergencies and injuries. The tech giants main aim now is to work on deeper features and work on upgrading their health monitoring. The team is presently working on installing tools that can help one measure

Hurricane Ida Caused Havoc Destruction In Lousiana

On Sunday, the category four hurricane, Ida caused major landfalls and affected Southeast Louisiana terribly. Americans get to relive the 16 years old experience of Hurricane Katrina once again, facing havoc power cuts in New Orleans and drowning trees. After churning across Louisiana for 16 hours the hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm. According to

Capitol Police Cleared The Officer Charged For Fatal Shooting On Jan 6 Riot

On Monday, the US Capitol Police announced, the lieutenant who had fatally shot a rioter during the Jan 6 attack was cleared of any wrongdoing after a long period of extensive investigation. It was discovered that the way he acted was lawful and additionally prevented aides and lawmakers from getting seriously hurt or coming face

Colleges Are Dwelling On To Budget COVID-19 Test Costs for Unvaccinated Students

Universities and colleges have still not been able to decide on how to structure their budget for the treatment of all unvaccinated students while multiple schools have reopened and asks their students for money to commit to regular COVID-19 vaccinations.  A professor of integrative biology and data science who directs the COVID-19 Modelling consortium, Dr.

China Is Worried About Entering Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule

The Chinese are now all set to approach and engage with Afghanistan with a lot of caution under the Taliban rule as they are testifying all the risk factors. The Chinese media lately broadcasted US exist after 20 years from the country as a complete diplomatic failure, however, Beijing is trying to testify everything as