Europe Is Getting Ready To Live With The COVID-19 Virus

Europe has a different lookout in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The battle to win against the virus is ongoing and seems long-term. Countries like Germany, Italy, and France are getting all prepped up to live with it than hope for it to end. The Government is trying all measures to keep the virus in

US Border Business Waiting Mexicans, Travel Banned For COVID-19

Multiple retailers and numerous other businesses in the US lost a huge territory of customers, around Spring 2020 when the US-Mexico border was shut down caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Georgia Flores still awaits them to come back. Various other establishments, retail, and restaurants are boomeranging back to operations all across the US as

Census Data Show Diversity Hikes In US With Shrinking White Population

On Thursday, a new US census data was released. Unlike ever before, the population growth between 2010 and 2020, shows the ratio of the white population has declined. One of the main reasons is, increase in the number of multi-racial, Asian, and Hispanic people. Between the period of 2010 and 2020, the percentage of the

California Teachers Must Be Vaccinated Or COVID Tested Weekly

Governor Gavin Newsom took a bold step to reign in this resurgent Pandemic, when he announced on Wednesday that all Public-School employees and Government Teachers should either show legitimate proof of vaccination or give in to regular COVID testing. California becomes the first state in the nation to mandate this requirement, applicable to all public

US Postal Service Will Charge More During the 2021 Holidays

The US postal services are proposing to charge more from businesses as well as individuals for all packages shipped during holiday times, coinciding with the changes in USPS delivery that will gradually slow down numerous first-class mails. On Tuesday, the agency has submitted a proposal to add surcharges on most packages that are to be

UN Panel Shows How Human Activity Causes Drastic Change In Climate Globally

A research panel of scientists of the United Nations reveals the hard truth that greenhouse-gas emissions by human industrialization & other activities is affecting climates with global warming resulting rising sea level, melting ice caps and slow but gradual rise of the planet’s temperature. According to the research study, World’s leading states, the island nations

Tobacco Giants Producing More E-Cigarettes With Government Influence

Traditional Smokes do not tag along with themselves any lethal warnings. However, cigarette companies are spending millions of dollars on the same. New and updated tax policies will be crushing all forms of returns on those investments by the Global Tobacco hubs. Tobacco companies promoting smokeless brands are continuously witnessing an exciting boom period from

Truck Crash in Texas Left 10 Dead and 10 Other Severely Injured

On Wednesday, an overloaded truck crashed on a remote South Texas Highway. The truck included 29 migrants. The authorities reported that almost 10 people had died in the Truck crash including the Driver and 20 people faced severe injuries. Brooks County Sheriff said, “The van was not being pursued.” He further commented that he thought

New Federal Eviction Moratorium by White House To Aid Tenants

On Tuesday, the Biden Administration announced an up-to-date federal moratorium on evictions, nodding to pressure given from progressive Democrats to bring back lapsed tenant protections, despite the comment of White House officials that they do not have the legal authority to execute it. This undertaking aims to buy states and localities more time to distribute

Official Notes Disclose How Trump Discredited The 2020 Election

Last year, around late December, then-President, Donald Trump forced the officials of the Top Justice Department, to declare the 2020 election as corrupt, in order to sustain his efforts to revoke Joe Biden’s victory, revealing notes of the conversation. This demand, by Mr. Trump, was made around 27th December, where then Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen

None Is Happy With New Policies Of Washington’s Oil Lobby

The American Petroleum Institute is Washington’s largest lobby for the oil-and-gas industry. API had spent decades supporting its financial muscle to battle with more or less every single green initiative in its track. This March, this group had communicated a change of heart. They released a set of new policy prescriptions and called it the

Work-From-Anywhere Policy Changed Hiring In Tech Companies

Pandemic spurred tech companies won the war over COVID-19 by hiring top experts with “work from anywhere” policies which is going to be faded as smaller companies, remote organizations and individual experts are taking advantage of the same. Havenly, the online interior design company had an effective weapon in the fight for tech talent: the