Scientists Confirm Earth’s Core is Now Rotating Backwards

Scientists have confirmed that Earth’s inner core has started to rotate in reverse direction, according to a research study published in Nature.

Scientific community has been struggling to confirm the phenomenon for years but the new evidence supports a 2023 hypothesis about the inner core’s rotation rate. 

What Does It Mean?

Despite the recent discovery, researchers and those directly involved in the research are skeptical about the conclusion.

The research indicates that from the 1970s, the core spun slightly faster than Earth, slowed around 2008, and began moving in reverse by 2023.

But the question of what changes are expected with these events largely remains a mystery. 

Movement Could Shorten Days

Although the impact remains a mystery, scientists suspect that it could shorten the length of days.

The study also revealed that the rotation of the inner core follows a 70-year cycle and changes its course after each cycle, but the reason remains a question.

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