French Cyclist Fined For Kissing His Wife During Tour De France

French cyclist Julien Bernard has humorously apologized after being fined for kissing his wife during a Tour de France time trial.

The Lidl-Trek rider was fined $223 by the International Cycling Union (ICU) for briefly stopping during stage seven of the race. 

Bernard Said No Regrets

The ICU stated the fine was for “unseemly or inappropriate behavior during the race and damage to the image of the sport.”

Bernard took to social media to apologize for “having damaged the image of sport” but expressed no regrets, saying he would be willing to pay the fine “every day”. 

Bernard Lives Nearby

Stage seven of the Tour de France is taking place in the Burgundy wine region, just 30 minutes away from Bernard’s home.

He was met by supporters, including his wife, holding their son in a replica cycling kit as she stepped forward to give him a quick kiss.

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