Research Says Human Brain Doesn’t Die After Death

Contrary to the popular widely held belief, our brain doesn’t die with death. Numerous research has observed that the human brain doesn’t stop working immediately after death but goes on for a short period of time. According to recent research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists noticed a surge in brain activity in the participants who were about to die.

Near Death Experience?

The study could reveal some of the most fascinating aspects of death that science had ignored in the past. Scientists studied four participants who were on life support, with the consent of their families, to investigate the brain when the body is about to die. Scientists noticed an increase of brain activity that is associated with hallucinations with the help of electroencephalogram sensors, commonly known as “Near-Death Experience”.

Brain Activity Increased

According to the research study, the near-death experience could be called the higher state of consciousness where the past quickly unravels in front of a dying person. The lead author of the study Jimo Borjigin said that scientists need to collect more data to properly understand and uncover the mystery of death.

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