WhatsApp May Disappear From UK Over Privacy Concerns

Britain’s ministers have warned that the messaging app could disappear from the country. Legislatures have been working on a bill that gives right to Ofcom, UK’s communications regulator, to impose restrictions and make sure social networks abide by rules to protect users from terrorism and child abuse.

The Online Safety Bill

The controversy revolves around a comprehensive bill that will change internet activity a lot  in the United Kingdom. This legislation spans over 250 pages and has been under development for over four years and has been drafted with the involvement of eight secretaries of state and five prime ministers.

Bill Empowers Ofcom

The bill is going to empower the UK’s communication authority to impose restrictions on social networking sites to use technology to eradicate terrorism and child abuse from the platform. Companies may have to face fines of up to 10% of global turnover if they are found breaching the protocols.

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