May 8, 2023

Mysterious Reusable Chinese Spacecraft Returns To Earth

A mysterious Chinese spacecraft has returned back to earth after a brief stay of 276 days in orbit. The Chinese space agency has not yet disclosed any information about the objective of the spacecraft which was launched in early August 2022.

WhatsApp May Disappear From UK Over Privacy Concerns

Britain’s ministers have warned that the messaging app could disappear from the country. Legislatures have been working on a bill that gives right to Ofcom, UK’s communications regulator, to impose restrictions and make sure social networks abide by rules to protect terrorism and child abuse.

Wine & Sweets Saved Woman Lost in Australian Forest

An Australian woman was found after being lost in the forest for five days. The authorities discovered a single wine bottle which helped her survive for five days in Australian bushes. The 48-year-old Lillian Ip was traveling alone in the dense forest in Victoria state.