Researchers Uncover Simple Test To Predict Future Memory Loss

Researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine have uncovered an interesting and simple test to predict risk of future memory problems. According to this fascinating study, those who are willing to predict whether or not they will suffer from memory loss in future, can now predict it by going through a simple test. Researchers studied 1,000 individuals with an average age of 69 without reported memory loss issues in the past.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Building In New York City

How Does It Work?

The memory loss test has two phases, revealed Dr. Ellen Grober. In phase one, the participants were shown four cards each having pictures of four items on each of the card. The participants were asked to identify the items on each item and place them under specific categories. In phase two, the participants were asked to recall the items they identified on the cards and they were given scores.

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Results Of The Study

Researchers were able to divide the participants into five groups. Members of the first group were considered safe as they recalled each item correctly. Members of the second and third group had risk of dementia as they couldn’t recall the items without external help. And those of the last two groups, researchers predicted complete memory loss as they couldn’t recall anything even after clues.

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