Ex-Australian Soldier Charged With War Crime In Afghanistan

The former Australian SAS soldier has been charged with committing war crimes in Afghanistan. Oliver Schulz, the former SAS soldier has been charged with murder of a civilian in the southern province of Afghanistan, Uruzgan. Oliver is the first serviceman to be charged with murder under the Australian law and will face life sentence.

Evidence Of 39 Killings

The Office of the Special Investigator body was set up to probe alleged war crimes involving Australian elite soldiers. The investigation was led by NSW Supreme Court judge Paul Brereton who came up with strong evidence suggesting that Australian soldiers were involved in 39 civilian deaths during their deployment in Afghanistan. 

First Arrest Linked To Investigation

The arrest of Oliver Schulz, who is expected to appear in a Sydney court on Thursday, is the first arrest linked to the four-year investigation. While exposing the war crimes, General Angus Campbell, chief of the Defense Force, said that such war crimes are never acceptable and are against professional values.

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