China Wants Peaceful Reunification With Taiwan

Amid increasing tensions between China and self-ruled Taiwan, the latter proposes to reunify Taiwan peacefully. China, for years, has been threatening to take the island by force if necessary which has also forced the US to back Taiwan recently. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that China wants peaceful reunification without military aggression.

By Force If Necessary

The first option for reunification with Taiwan is obviously peaceful as claimed by Chinese officials. China will be forced to use force if Taiwan advocates separatism, abandoning the first option. China has repeatedly urged the US and the west to abide by the one-china policy and recognize Taiwan as part of China.

China Playing War Games

Since the visit of the US House speaker Nancy Pelosi in August of 2022, China has repeatedly tried to flex its arms. It has deployed a number of warships and jets around Taiwan multiple times. The US on the other hand has since sent military equipment worth billions of dollars to Taiwan to defend itself against a possible Chinese invasion.

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