5 Common Fitness Myths Holding You Back

Achieving fitness goals can become an impossible task to achieve when we are constantly bombarded with misinformation on the internet. There are hundreds of commonly believed myths that restrict our access to fitness objectives. Here are 5 common myths holding you back from achieving your goals.

1) Cardio Is Must

One of the biggest myths in health and fitness is to do cardio each and every day. Weights must be the priority.

2) Spot Reduction

The human body cannot possibly spot or reduce fat on specific parts of the body. It’s an overall process and the fat will go after some time with consistent exercise.

3) Longer Workouts Are Good

Longer exercises tend to deplete energy reserves in the body. An exercise of 30-45 minutes is all one needs to be healthy. 

4) Supplements Are Must

No!, not at all. Supplements give one a slight push to achieve the desired macronutrients. Supplements can never replace whole foods.

5) More Sweat, The Better

Sweat is not an indicator of a good workout. It is just your body trying to balance the external and internal environments.

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