Deadly Ebola-Like Virus Detected In Africa

The World Health Organization has confirmed the outbreak of a new deadly virus called ‘Marburg virus’ in Equatorial Guinea. At Least nine people died because of the Ebola like virus, according to WHO. In 2014, the Ebola virus killed 11,310 people in two years in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

‘Marburg virus’

More than 200 people have been quarantined by the authorities since the outbreak in the Central African country. According to WHO statement, the symptoms of this new virus include vomiting blood, fever, diarrhea and fatigue. The fatality rate of ‘Marburg virus’ stands at 88% without any available vaccines or antiviral drugs.

Movement Restrictions

After the outbreak, movement across the nearby villages have been restricted. The neighboring country Cameroon has also put restrictions on the border movement to contain the spread of the new deadly virus. So far, 16 suspected individuals showing the symptoms were taken to isolation wards by the authorities. 

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