Astronomers Detect Black Hole Swallowing A Star

The scientists released an image that shows a black hole in the process of completely destroying a celestial body. More than halfway across the known universe, astronomers have observed a black hole ripping apart a star that got too near to it. One of just four instances, and the first since 2011, of a black hole being seen ripping apart a passing star happened in this instance.

Tidal Disruption

The event is known as a tidal disruption event then followed by discharging bright jets of high-energy particles into space according to researchers. The studies were published in Nature and Nature Astronomy journals by astronomers. It was the most distant and brightest occurrence ever observed.

5.9 Trillion Miles Of Distance

A supermassive black hole was estimated to be hundreds of millions of times as large as our sun and located around 8.5 billion light-years from Earth. The star was “more massive but of a common kind,” according to Igor Andreoni, an astronomer from the University of Maryland

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