October 24, 2022

Cannabis Use Increases Pain After Surgery

For many years now, supporters of cannabis have been trying to lobby for the use of it for pain medicine. But a new study states that cannabis use actually increases pain after surgery and can lead to more opioid use.

Polio Reappears Once Again In The US

Polio has returned to the US once again after the decline in vaccination of a large chunk of the population. Polio, once eliminated from American society decades ago, has been detected once again in the US. It was detected last month Newyork in the wastewater of the region.

Rishi Sunak Could Be The Next Prime Minister

After Boris Johnson abruptly withdrew from the campaign to head the Conservative Party, Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister of Britain, has emerged as the front-runner to become the nation’s next prime minister.

2 Pilots Died As Russian Jet Crashed Into A House

A Russian jet crashed in a civilian neighbourhood inside Siberia killing both the pilots. The jet crashed in the Russian the city of Irkutsk. Several videos circulated on social media showing firefighters working to extinguish the fire on the scene.