Rishi Sunak Could Be The Next Prime Minister

After Boris Johnson abruptly withdrew from the campaign to head the Conservative Party, Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister of Britain, has emerged as the front-runner to become the nation’s next prime minister.

After only six dismal weeks in office, the incumbent prime minister, Liz Truss, announced her resignation last week.

Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, will now face Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt as a result of Johnson’s withdrawal from the race.

But Sunak is the only candidate with the 100 party nominee votes to take part in the election. If no other candidate can secure the 100 votes needed, Sunak automatically becomes the party leader and the next Prime Minister.

Sunak has been accused by many Johnson fans of aiding in the removal of Johnson from office in July as a result of a number of scandals, but on Sunday night he paid respect to the former prime minister when Johnson withdrew from the contest.

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