Staff trapped after an explosion at a dam in Oklahoma are being rescued.

According to news, two employees were trapped in an Oklahoma dam after an explosion Thursday evening, and rescue attempts are underway. And according to Justin Alberty, a spokesman for the Grand River Dam Authority, the explosion happened just before 6 p.m. at Kerr Dam near Salina.

Alberty said the contractors were doing routine core drilling about 80 feet below the dam’s top when they became stuck.

The two staff had been in touch with the crews at some point. According to sources, Alberty did not provide any information about the workers’ conditions or how they got trapped. He told the media, “Right now, the focus is to get to them, to get down to those two people.”

At the time of the explosion, three contractors were drilling, and only one of them was able to escape, Alberty said.

According to the station, Alberty stated that the explosion did not jeopardize the Kerr Dam’s structural integrity. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

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