Louisiana Hospitals Struggles With Rising Covid-19 Cases

According to an official, the ICU of Louisiana’s largest hospital is at capacity with Covid-19 patients, while others suffering symptoms were waiting for a bed on Monday. According to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Catherine O’Neal, there are 23 people on the waiting list for ICU space. O’Neal said

Flooding Cause Over 120 Deaths In Western Europe

Authorities in Western Europe reported Friday that catastrophic flooding has killed more than 120 people and left hundreds more missing, as large-scale rescue attempts continue amid increasing water, landslides, and power outages. Images from Germany and Belgium showed entire communities submerged, with automobiles trapped between fallen houses and debris. The severe rainfall has also impacted

Supermarkets Are Stocking Up On Foods Ahead Of Inflation

Supermarkets are stockpiling all things edible be it sugar or meat, before it all gets pricier as anticipations show that citizens are on the verge of experiencing the highest price increases in recent times. Multiple Supermarkets reported that they are filling up their shelves by buying and storing as much inventory as is possible to

Ex-Goldman Executive Settles $4.5 million Bribery Case

A former executive of the Goldman Sachs faced accusation by SEC on having arranged for millions of dollars from bribes, which he claimed were to be paid to Ghana Government officials to help a client to procure a power plant contract. Asante Berko, an US citizen who had left Goldman Sachs in 2016, was charged

One Person Dead After A Driver Drove Into A Crowd At A Pride Parade In Florida

Authorities say a vehicle crashed into people at the opening of a Pride parade in South Florida on Saturday evening, killing one man and critically wounding another. Although several witnesses stated that the accident looked to be deliberate, Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Ali Adamson informed reporters that police were looking into all possibilities. The incident

Tesla’s China Sales Rise Despite The Company’s Quality Issues

Tesla Inc.’s sales in China rose in May after a brief fall, providing a boost to the electric vehicle maker as it seeks to recover from its first big setback in one of its most crucial regions. According to the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla delivered 21,936 cars to Chinese consumers in May, nearly doubling

El Salvador’s President Plans to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

El Salvador looks poised to be the first nation in history to legalize a cryptocurrency as legal tender. Over the weekend, President Nayib Bukele announced in a live broadcast to the Bitcoin 2021. Conference in Miami, that he is finalizing legislation to recognize bitcoin as an official currency in the Pacific Central American country. He’s

We Are Still Years Away From Truly Self-Driving Cars

It’s been a long time since we heard that self-driving cars will be the thing of the future. However, we have yet to see self-driving automobiles become common in 2021. In 2015, Elon Musk was so confident that self-driving cars were the vehicles we would be using in the future that he said we would

China’s Role In Bitcoin Mining Causes Panic

Bitcoin enthusiasts prize cryptocurrency as being out of the reach of any government, but three-quarters of the world supply has been produced in just one country: China. Read More: US Government’s Plan To Destroy Bitcoin Electricity needed to power computers used to create new bitcoin go against China’s latest climate goals. The government, which manages

US Government’s Plan To Destroy Bitcoin

“Bitcoin cannot be stopped” tout Crypto enthusiasts. Just like there’s no way to stop two people from sending encrypted messages to each other, similarly cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin work similar, people sending messages to each other, “peer to peer”, and if you kill one of the “node” (server), or even thousands of them, the other