Jacob Mulli

Jacob Mulli is a lifelong journalist and technologist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in information and library sciences. He left the world of journalism to pursue a career in tech and social media, and is now a communications and marketing strategist for a tech company based in New York City. He also writes on tech and innovation.

Hundreds Of Animals Dead After Ukrainian Dam Explosion

Thousands of people were evacuated after a major dam in Ukraine was blown up with explosives. Hundreds of towns were at risk of flooding after the destruction of a dam at Nova Kakhovka. According to the local Ukrainian media, the flood also damaged the Kazkova Dibrova zoo and killed more than 260 animals.

Deadly Asian Hornets Are Back In UK, Experts Warn

A photo circulating on Facebook showed Asian hornets spotted in UK, causing fears among people as experts have warned that the deadly highly venomous insects are back in the UK. The Asian hornets first arrived in western Europe in 2004 when they invaded France, since then they have been reported a number of times by people.

95-year-old Woman Tasered By Australian Police Dies

 A 95-year-old woman who was tasered by the Australian police has died. Clare Nowland was seriously injured when one of the New South Wales Police officers arrived at the care home, and one of them tasered her to the ground. The incident created an intense environment where the local population was outraged at the lack of empathy of the police officers involved in the incident. 

Car Crashes In Canada Kills More Police Officers Than Guns

A new report from the University of Ottawa researchers have revealed that Police officers in Canada are more likely to die from car crashes as compared to shooting incidents. Car crashes were the leading cause of death among officers on duty, the researchers said.

Man Visited Every World Wonder In Week, Sets World Record

Jamie McDonald, from the UK, has set a world record by visiting every World Wonder in a week. Jamie, also known as the ‘Adventureman’, has set a Guinness World Record by successfully visiting all the seven World Wonders in less than seven days.

NASA To Develop Snake-Like Robot To Study Saturn Moon

NASA is set to test a new snake-like robot to study one of the 83 Saturn’s moons. The new robot called EELS, the Exobiology Extant Life Surveyor, will look for water and life-supporting evidence on the surface of Enceladus, an icy moon of Saturn planet.

Mexican Mom Sentenced To 16 Years For Dumping Her Baby

A Mexican mom was sentenced to 18 years in prison for throwing his newborn son into a dustbin last year. Alexis Avila was charged with attempted first-degree murder last month. She was convicted by Judge William Shoobridge on the fourth day of her trial.

US Smoking Rate Dropped To All Time Low In 2022

US adult smoking dropped to an all-time low in 2022, according to a latest data. Last year, 1 in 9 individuals were cigarette smokers which has now decreased to 1 in 17, according to the latest data. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed 27,000 adult individuals and concluded that the decreased rate indicates a positive trend in the US population.

Google And Amazon Struggle To Cut Jobs In Europe

US tech giants are finding it hard to lay off workers in Europe. Unlike in the US where companies can lay off thousands of workers without having to face any consequences, strict labor laws in Europe makes it almost impossible to lay off workers. Companies must consult with labor interest groups prior to announcing the layoffs, leaving thousands of tech employees in confusion.