UK secret services

Three Russian Spies Arrested & Charged in UK

The United Kingdom has arrested and charged three Bulgarian nationals for spying for Russia. The suspects were charged for spying for the Russian security services along with multiple fake passports. The three individuals were arrested along with two others in February and were kept for investigation by the Metropolitan Police.

MI6 Spy Head Makes Plea To Russians To Spy For UK

The United Kingdom secret services head has asked Russians fighting for Putin to defect and instead work for MI6. In a rare speech, Sir Richard Moore offered an opportunity to the Russian soldiers to spy for the UK and share secrets with MI6.

UK Security Services Say AI Can Increase Terrorism In Future

AI technology became the target of criticism once again as UK’s secret services are worried that the technology could increase terrorism if it was not tackled properly. Jonathan Hall KC said that AI could pose a threat to national security and new technologies must be developed so as to minimize the effect.