temperature rise

Scientists Register World’s Hottest Day Ever Recorded

As the planet has been warming more and more, scientific data revealed that last Monday, 3 June, was the hottest day ever recorded on earth.  The US National Centers for Environmental Prediction claimed to have recorded the hottest day as global average temperature skyrocketed to an all-time high mark of 17.01C.

Scientists Expects 75% Loss in Himalayan Glaciers By 2100

The increasing temperatures around the globe have been ringing the alarm for an extremely dangerous future for inhabitants of earth. According to a recent study comprising of international scientists, Glaciers in Asia’s Hindu Kush Himalaya are expected to lose 75% of its ice by the end of this century.

Birds Are Getting Smaller Due To Climate Change, Study Finds

A new research study has revealed that the bodies of birds around the world are shrinking due to climate change. The study found out that although the bodies of birds are gradually getting smaller, their wings are growing, something the researchers found out specifically in the tiniest of the species.

World Is Heating Up To Unprecedented Levels, UN Says

Scientists and climate advocates have been sounding the alarm for decades about the adverse effects of climate change on human well-being. A new report by the UN shows how our planet is heating up to unprecedented levels carrying catastrophic results for the future generations.

Research Shows Moon Dust Can Reduce Global Warming

Global warming has increasingly become realized to be a global issue in the last few decades. Different mechanisms have been developed to counter the phenomenon. An interesting new study found that global warming can be reduced by firing moon dust into space. The moon dust could solve the problem of continuous temperature rise.